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      SHARE A "GOLDEN MOMENT" IN RECOGNITION OF A PLAYER WHOM DEMONSTRATED THE MEANING OF GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP DURING THE QUICKCARD MINOR HOCKEY TOURNAMENT!   Quickcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week is wrapping up today and we are rewarding an athlete whom participated in the event with 2 OILERS TICKETS in recognition of great Sportsmanship!   This Tournament is a great opportunity for teams to showcase their skill levels with the ultimate goal of earning a place on the podium and we at Elite believe that a teams' success is developed by the players coming together to build each other up and support each other, inevitably, showcasing what great sportsmanship is all about.   Elite believes it’s important to recognize and celebrate acts of sportsmanship and we are encouraging you to SHARE A STORY about an outstanding athlete that demonstrated a “GOLDEN MOMENT” , showcasing the very meaning of what being a great teamate is all about.   Good luck!   Share your story below or email it to us HERE

  • 0 Benefits of Custom T-shirts for Small Team Events in Edmonton

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    • 14-10-2016
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    Do you like to participate in small team events in Edmonton such as Crossfit competitions or the boot camp-like obstacle course that is Tough Mudder? Whatever activity you and your buddies like to get involved in, why not really get into it by outfitting your team with awesome, custom, screen-printed t-shirts to wear during the event?Just some of the many benefits of wearing custom t-shirts from Edmonton's Elite Sportswear and Awards at your next small team event include: 1) It's a great way of expressing team spirit What better way to express your team spirit and cohesion than showing up with matching t-shirts? Feeling more united as a team can help you and your friends really get into the spirit of the event, and may even help you compete more effectively. Psychology has a huge role to play in the outcome of any sporting event. 2) It allows for advertising Have you managed to secure some local sponsors for your next showing at an Edmonton team competition? Getting custom-made, screen printed t-shirts will allow you to advertise their goods and services. Aside from following any rules and stipulations of the event itself, there is no limit to what you can put on a custom t-shirt. 3) It lets you show your support for a social cause On top of advertising, having your team wear matching custom t-shirts will allow you to showcase your support for a local cause. Have a charity or a certain group you'd like to show your support for? Go ahead and incorporate it into the design of your shirts! 4) It helps your team stand out and appeal to the crowd Team competitions thrive on the enthusiasm of the crowd. The more your team stands out and appeals to the crowd, the more energy you can gain from their cheers and encouragement. Appearing as a unified group will immediately garner you support from onlookers. 5) It's affordable Depending on how large your team is, you may be looking at needing to purchase quite a few t-shirts and likely don't want to be spending a small fortune. Even a small team shouldn't have to worry about paying too much just to get some custom shirts. At Elitesportswear and Awards we pride ourselves on our fair and affordable pricing, so that you can worry less about money and focus more on having fun. Custom Team Wear T-Shirts in Edmonton For affordable, quality, and eye-catching custom team wear in Edmonton, you can trust the skilled graphic designers and screen printing experts at Elite Sportwear and Awards. For 60 years we have been producing in-house custom t-shirts with unparalleled attention to detail to make sure that our clients get exactly what they want.You can count on Elite Sportswear and Awards to create custom team wear that will help you stand out and show your team spirit. Contact our Edmonton Location today if you have any questions or would like to place an order with us.

  • 0 Professional screen printing services in Edmonton

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    • 08-09-2016
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    From sportswear to promotional products, screen printing is one of the most simple, affordable and effective ways to market your Edmonton business. Custom screen printing gives you the freedom, flexibility and creativity to put your logo or brand on a wide array of different materials, such as hats, uniforms, shirts, jackets and so much more.  At Elite Sportswear and Awards, we know that choosing the right graphic designer is just as important as choosing your image or message. The right professionals will help you design, promote and improve your company brand by creating vivid and eye-catching results. They’ll also use the best materials to produce quality products that not only look great, but also meet your expectations and specifications in a timely manner.Avoid costly mistakes Although it appears easier than it looks, screen printing is a process that requires sound knowledge, attention to detail and first hand experience. Anything less can lead to subpar results, which can have just as much of an impact on your brand, albeit a much more negative and damaging one. Thankfully, by trusting qualified professionals, you can avoid costly mistakes that not only damage the fabric of the shirts, but also potentially harm your company’s image. These include: • Wrong font. Choosing the right font will go a long way in engaging your customers. However, selecting a font that’s hard to read or a font size that’s too big or too small can be extremely damaging to your brand. • Wrong colour. This seems rather obvious, but it’s a problem that occurs more often than you think. Inconsistent or wrong colours and shades can be extremely costly and will negatively impact your business’ image. • Smudging. Unsightly smudges and smears look bad, plain and simple. These can occur for a number of reasons, such as a printing screen that moves during printing, low screen tension, poor ink quality, warped shirt boards or too much ink flooding the screen. • Faded images. Some printers tend to use inexpensive or low quality inks when printing in order to cut back on costs. As a result, the print or design will fade when the product is washed, which doesn’t really help when you’re trying to increase brand recognition. Go with the best Whether you’re marketing your image in Edmonton or across Western Canada, the team of creative in-house designers at Elite Sportswear and Awards will help you get that strong brand you’re looking for, guaranteed. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!  

  • 0 Embroidery services in Edmonton- Avoiding embroidery puckering

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    • 04-08-2016
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    The pucker effect, where fabric bunches in the embroidered area, causes industry professionals like us at Elite Sportswear Awards and Promotional Products to cringe. In order to produce quality stitching on fabric there are many steps that must be followed correctly. At one time this was common knowledge, and a common skill. According to at Time Magazine article Sew & Reap from the November 10, 1958 issue, twenty percent of all women’s garments in 1958 were made at home. With cheap clothing produced oversees by poorly paid workers overwhelming Canadian retailers, many are turning to recapturing these skills individually while corporations and sports teams are looking for quality products produced in Canada that supports Canadian workers. At Elite Sportswear, our team has more than 60 years of machine production experience with embroidery in Edmonton. We recognize that the world is facing hard economic times, and that you want to continue to enjoy what you can in this climate, like team sports for yourself or your children, and in doing so you want to buy quality products done professionally. Logos then become the defining factor, whether it’s sponsorship from a local business, a team logo, a name or symbol - a logo creates a visual impression of your product, services, or company. Embroidered logos add more depth, character, and eye-catching quality.Embroidery is a delicate process that brings a three-dimensional quality to your logo when you add it to clothing or accessories. Embroidery machines use a special digital file format to sew an image. These files are generated from original artwork using specialized There are a number of techniques used to prevent puckering while sewing. The first step is digitizing the design and minimizing the number of stitches – advanced home machines may have this capability. Next comes the hooping process or clamping the garment in the embroidery hoop. This is probably the most important step of all in preventing pucker. Sewers must find the right tension – not too loose or too tight. Backing is used to stabilize stitches on the reverse side of the garment, playing a vital role in preventing puckering. This fibrous material comes in many different forms including tear-away, cut-away, cap and fusible, to name a few. Finally, try a sample run on a scrap piece of cloth to ensure all tensions and materials are properly in place to minimize loss from repeated errors. At Elite Sportswear, we take great care to prevent sewing errors like puckering. Other errors in embroidery production are beyond the control of operators and digitizers, like when a needle breaks or thread snaps, or when the top-thread tension on the machine becomes loose and hits the same spot in the fabric over and over, ultimately causing it to tear – similar to what could happen at home. Commercial embroidery equipment runs both a bobbin and a top thread. Poor top thread tension (either too tight or too loose) can lend itself to all kinds of production problems, including puckering. The bobbin, a tiny spool of thread located at the bottom of each sewing needle and is responsible for locking each individual stitch, and while it is not necessarily a factor in preventing puckering, it is crucial in the embroidery process. Commercial embroidery equipment runs both a bobbin and a top thread. Poor top thread tension (either too tight or too loose) can lend itself to all kinds of production problems, including puckering. The bobbin, a tiny spool of thread located at the bottom of each sewing needle and is responsible for locking each individual stitch, and while it is not necessarily a factor in preventing puckering, it is crucial in the embroidery process. Embroidered logos add character to your promotional products-not to mention a sense of quality that printing can’t imitate. To learn more about embroidery in Edmonton, contact Elite Sportswear