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  • General
  • by Administrator
  • 03-20-2017
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Raise Your Profile with Promotional Products - A review of 2017 Trends!

Spring is the ideal time to embrace new opportunities to develop your business, develop your workforce and to deepen brand recognition. As the sun begins to shine and we all benefit from the extra vitamin D and dopamine, positivity is in the air and every business can benefit. Enhance your customer’s mood with a well chosen, thoughtful and useful spring products and you’ll create and reinforce some positive brand associations that will blossom through the rest of the year.

Spring is the perfect time to start exploring what's NEW and relevant to your market. Clients love to be reminded that they are valued for their business. You’ll add value for your customer and for your business – remember, 56% of people will view your business more favorably when they receive a useful product, so try promoting your brand with any of these Spring Trends!

Spring Trend#1

Technology items
Just as in 2016, Technology items are expected to remain a hot favorite in 2017 in business to consumer (B2C) and business-to- business (B2B) marketing strategies. In a technological world, where people are heavily dependent on technological items for their work, play and information, it is no wonder that these logo items have become the hot favorites in promotional circuits.

From pens to powerbanks to laptop bags and earbuds, there is a range of custom gift items to choose from. These products enjoy persistent use and have the potential to influence the users in a big way. Imprint your brand and message on these and every time your recipients use these logo items, your brand recall will enjoy a surge. From influencing the buying patterns of the customers to relationship building and appreciating the loyalty of customers, these technology items in businesses is likely to play a major role in brand promotion in 2017 and businesses think that the trend is likely to continue in the future as well.

Spring Trend#2

Health and wellness
2017 promotional markets are likely to be dominated by custom Health & Wellness Items thanks to the increased awareness on healthy living among people. This trend is not expected to change anytime soon as 2017 is likely to bring out the healthier you. A few suggested gift ideas for business owners include pedometers, exercise bands, fitness bottles and golf towels among others.

Spring Trend#3

Green theme will be in vogue
Consumers are getting more conscious about environmental issues and are increasingly becoming loyal to brands that endorse green themed promotions. Socially responsible brands and ecofriendly promotional gifts will continue to be popular in promotional circuits. Some of the gift items that can be considered include tote bags, wooden pens, metal water bottles and many more.  

Spring Trend#4

High Value gifts
Customers will continue to show an affinity towards high value, premium quality imprinted gifts. A high value item will not just make a reminder of your business but also highlights the importance of the customer or employee relationship you are fostering with these custom items. Customers prefer functional and long lasting items that will stand the test of time. The more they use it the more will be the brand visibility and recall.

Browse our collection of custom gifts to choose gift items that are likely to be the most popular next year and make your Spring promotions a huge success!

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