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  • by Administrator
  • 03-22-2017
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The fact that we can print on a very large variety of materials and objects, and that we can choose from a plethora of special inks , are all factors that have helped to establish Screen Printing as the optimal method for creating products with particular features. This is a very flexible printing technology, with no limitations on the thickness and nature of the material on which the printing will be carried out, and without a doubt, for a specific volume of production, it continues to be the most effective and economical printing methodology around.

Screen printing uses pressure from a squeegee or other mechanical device to force the ink into the fibers where it is absorbed and integrated into the fabric. This creates printed products that have very durable graphics. The graphics will not wash away or respond to physical contact. Items printed in this way will last for years.


Screen Printing


One of the advantages of printing with screens is that a single image can be scaled upwards or downwards as needed. This means that a business logo or other graphic can be scaled to cover the entire front of a shirt or just a small area over a pocket.

Photosensitive masks make it possible to generate these types of screens quickly. This is not always possible with some other applications that require separate graphic files in order to change image sizes. This saves businesses money and time creating multiple designs for different formats.


Screen Printing - Elite Sportswear


Screen printing is a method that can accommodate a wide range of different materials. This means printers can produce tshirts, promotional banners, hats and even posters all from the same screens. Additionally, the quality of each product will remain consistent despite the underlying ground. This gives businesses the opportunity to produce a range of branded products for customers, storefronts or the office.


Contact us to discuss your options for producing customized Screen Printed Apparel and products today!